Gainer Camp

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The inspiration for Gainer Camp came from the idea of a writers' retreat. There are people who love writing enough that they provide funding to support writers who otherwise wouldn't be able to spend time writing. This support takes the form of fellowships, writers' colonies, and writing retreats.

Gainer Camp is sponsored by an encourager who is known in the gaining community as TipTheScales. He wants to support gainers who otherwise couldn't afford to focus on gaining. He started with Gainer Camp in 2012 and has now expanded to a Gainer House that offers a variety of activities. The camp will continue to focus on gainers who haven't had a lot of opportunity to participate in the gaining community.

The camp is not intended to be just for intense gainers or superchub gainers or young gainers. We are interested in gainers of all sizes from skinny to superchub and all ages from 18 up. What matters most is a committment to the spirit of exploration and the desire to build community that are the foundation of the Gainer Camp experience.

The goal of Gainer Camp is to allow a small group of gainers to spend a week:

What you can expect from us

Tip is the camp director, but he has turned to two gainers known in the gaining community as Elfstone and Masshole to serve as camp counselors. They have been given this position because of the contribution they are making to planning and running the camps. They are not there to encourage the campers to gain weight. They are fellow gainers whose job is to make the camp run smoothly and to make sure that people enjoy themselves. We also expect to have three summer interns at the Gainer House who will help us to run the camp.

Together we will try to make sure that each camper:

What we expect from you

Gainer Camp will have a different feel to it than events like Expansion. You pay for your own travel and hotel when you attend Expansion, so you expect to do whatever you want to do while you are there. Gainer Camp is free, but that doesn't mean that you can treat it the way you would a trip to Expansion. We are planning specific activities for every day of the camp. There will be downtime built into the schedule, but a lot of the day will be planned out for you.

As noted above, any camper can opt out of any activity that he doesn't want to participate in. Nobody will be forced to do anything that makes him uncomfortable. But we are looking for campers who are approaching this experience with an open mind and plan to participate in most of our activities. Although many gainers participate in what might be considered more extreme aspects of gaining (bondage, force feeding, etc), we won't be actively exploring any of those in the camp.

It would be okay to skip some camp activities so that you can go out and explore on your own or meet with friends outside the camp, but we hope that this wouldn't amount to more than a day's worth of missed activities.

We hope you form lasting friendships at the camp and gainers seem to have an almost spontaneous desire to rub bellies, but otherwise we are asking campers to be discreet in their behavior. The campers are sharing a large open space, so it won't be possible to go beyond belly rubbing or friendly roughhousing.

We want to record what happens at the camp to describe it on the gainer camp web page, but we will respect the privacy concerns of campers. If you don't want your real name to be used or if you don't want your face to be included on a posted picture, we will honor your request.

We expect each camper to: